Q: Why did you start the New Greeters?

A: I Started the New Greeters to better help new players in the cavern. With player numbers dwendling, and verteran explorers embarking for other games, it became necessary for the New Greeters to organize. - Trekluver

Q: Isn't greeting the job of the Guild of Greeters (GoG)?

A: Simply put, yes and no; here's why. Yes: The Guild of Greeters were formed back when Uru was still a big game in development, when it was seen that new players would need help. As MOULa (The current incarnation of Myst Online: Uru Live) arrived in 2010, the Guild of Greeters took a relaxed position in the game. Therefore, they are not near as active as they were in the past. To help pick up where the slack was felt, the New Greeters have emerged to once again make Greeting a top priority in the cavern.

Here's why No: Anybody can greet. Nobody said you have to be a guild member to greet in the cavern. Greeting is something a player does out of the goodness of his heart; not because he/she it looking for new found fame. That said, a guild is necessary for communication and planing puproses. This is another reason why the New Greeters formed.

Cyan Worlds gave us their permission to organise. Without their permission to say we are greeters, we would have never formed since the GoG was already there in some capacity.

Q: I want to join, how can I find out more?

A: Great! We're always looking for new members. If you'd like to join, please visit our Membership Page.

Q: Do the New Greeters have an IRC chat channel?

A: Why in fact we do, thank you for asking! You can find us on Mibbit here.

Q: So what's this OpenUru thing anyway?

A: I'm so glad you asked! OpenUru.org is a community site dedicated to the further development of the Uru community as well as the open sourcing of Myst Online: Uru Live. They host our site too! For more information, visit OpenUru.org.