The New Greeters are an honest organisation who's goal is to provide In-Cavern support for new players, or players who require assistance.

The New Greeters have adopted two mottos. First we call ourselves "The Guild of New Greeters, for a better D'ni." This means we are the the cavern to serve explorers and to achieve a better game enviroment. Second, we have adopted another motto: "Let's see how we can best help people." We live and breath by these mottos.

We are always recruiting new members. All applications will be considdered and not turned down without propper reason. If you'd like to become a New Greeter we ask that you meet the following requirements:

1: You must have been an Uru Live player for at least one month and have a Myst Online Forums account. (This is for communication purposes)

2: You must be well versed in the ABM ages. (Teledahn, Gahreesen, Eder Gira, Eder Delin, and Kadish Tolesa)

3: You must have a clean track record. (This means you were never the cause of any in cavern “greifing” incidents. Any exceptions (Due to misunderstanding only!) must have approval first.)

4:You must be approved by the guild. All submissions will be approved by a majority vote of the New Greeters.

5: Be able to greet at least once a week. (This is more of a sugestion than a requirement.)

If you meet these requirements and still want to join, please contact one or our administrators on the Myst Online Forums.

You can contact Trekluver here